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Response to comments received on the March 1993 Tualatin water quality study report Public Deposited

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  • The pages which follow contain the authors responses to a series of comments that were received in response to "A Project to Collect Scientific Data and Provide Evaluation and Recommendations for Alternative Pollution Control Strategies for the Tualatin River Basin, 11 submitted to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on March 1, 1993. The authors are deeply indebted to the various people who commented on the report. Their comments have brought additional insights to the challenge of restoring water quality in the Tualatin River. It is the future to which these interested citizens, administrators, and scientists have contributed. The comments listed in this document were received from three sources. They are treated in sections based upon those sources. In the first section are the comments that were shared during the March 15, 1993 public hearing hosted by the department of Environmental Quality. This hearing was held in the Washington County Public Services Building, Neil Mullane, Hearings Officer. Seven people presented testimony. Those testifying are identified in Appendix A along with the official summary of the testimony. The second set of comments is based on the written comments submitted in response to the DEQ invitation in association with the March 15 public hearing. Copies of the written comments are included as Appendix B of this document. Ten individuals and organizations prepared written comments. The third set of comments was submitted by nonpoint water quality specialists in response to individual requests by the authors of the draft report. These persons were selected based upon their previous experience with water quality issues similar to those encountered in the Tualatin Basin or for other specific subject matter expertise that was thought to be helpful to the authors and to the DEQ. Copies of the written comments received from the invited peer reviewers are included in Appendix c. In the interest of brevity and to spare the reader unnecessary repetition, not all comments have received individual attention in this document. Comments that had been treated earlier were not repeated nor were those that suggested an editorial modification or other change for which discussion would not be instructive. All reviewers and persons who made comments should, however, be assured that their comments were read and given careful 9onsideration. The authors of this report and all those who eventual benefit from the improved quality of the Tualatin River are indebted to the various reviewers and persons who commented.
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