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A Needs Assessment of Precollege STEM Education at OSU and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Integration Public Deposited

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  • STEM education is delivered to K12 audiences by Pre-college Programs across the nation, many of which serve underrepresented and underserved students as part of their core missions. While there is robust attention to STEM curriculum development and college connection events in such programs, few have social-cultural aspects of learning as integrated curriculum. Social emotional learning is an important aspect impacting students’ STEM education experiences, as well as recruitment and retention in postsecondary education. In the following case study, we investigated how pre-college program leaders at Oregon State University define social emotional learning and integrate it into their program curriculum and social events. We utilized a mixed-methods approach, conducting a university-wide survey of pre-college program leaders across the STEM disciplines and semi-structured interviews with a subgroup of survey participants. We conducted quantitative analysis of survey data and qualitative analysis of interviews to gauge similarities and differences across programs as far as shared definitions and efforts related to integrating social emotional learning into K-12 STEM curriculum. This study showed that a few precollege programs at Oregon State University have an official SEL definition while others do not but have initiatives that fall within the SEL definition we used. Lastly, this assessment will inform future research on aspects of social emotional learning impacting pre-college STEM education as well as provide an assessment of the SEL programs at Oregon State University, the implementation of programs that empower students, especially amplifying underrepresented voices in science through Social Emotional Learning. This is ever more important for broadening participation in STEM in today’s COVID-19 era that is increasing the inequalities and hindering inclusion in the STEM enterprise.
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  • USDA NIFA Higher Education MSP Grant 2018-38413-28145 an project accession 1015949.
  • USDA NIFA AFRI EWD REEU - project grant 2020- 67037-30670 and project accession 1021806.
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