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  • Raising the Tents tracks a woman's retrieval of her voice. In these poems we join a woman on her journey to find meaning and wholeness. Ms. Adler's personal mythology evolves from a belief in the possibility for change and a Jewish heritage emphasizing ancestry. She explores the silencing of women and reveals the empower­ing effects of finding and claiming our voices. In remem­bering pogroms and the Holocaust, and her childhood in an alcoholic home, she builds connections between the personal and political, bearing witness "against a world malnourished by its insistence on dominance as a way of life."
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  • Introduction: Telephone to the Dead -- Begot -- Crossing -- That Act of Violence -- Riding the Eye -- Night Rider -- Divorce And -- Bag Woman -- The Women Ago -- Where -- Gravity Reversed -- Don't Ever Tell -- Sybil -- Wood Floor Rising -- Switchback -- The Only Jews in Seredna -- Catwalk -- The Trouble with You -- The Box -- Late Poem for David -- What I Tell My Son -- Re-vision -- Speakbody -- Drumskin -- Mother Tongue -- Los Desaparecidos -- Signals -- Back -- Joshua -- Sachna -- In the Year of Asherah -- Ruth -- In the Country of Women -- Fish Talk -- Parturition -- Simply -- Underground -- Blueprint -- Housegift -- What Is It About Hair -- Not Fisher, nor Fish -- The Night Sybil Came -- Woman, Diaspora -- This Reality Is Infectious -- Friendly Fire -- Long Road Look -- Raising the Tents.
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