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  • The Autographa californica M nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) sulfhydryl oxidase Ac92 is essential for production of infectious virions. Ac92 also interacts with human p53 and enhances human p53-induced apoptosis in insect cells, but it is not known whether any relationship exists between Ac92 and native p53 homologs from insect hosts of AcMNPV. We found that Ac92 interacted with SfP53 from Spodoptera frugiperda in infected cells and oxidized SfP53 in vitro. However, Ac92 did not interact with or oxidize a mutant of SfP53 predicted to lack DNA binding. Silencing Sfp53 expression did not rescue the ability of an ac92-knockout virus to produce infectious virus. Similarly, ac92 expression did not affect SfP53-stimulated caspase activity or the localization of SfP53. Thus, although Ac92 binds to SfP53 during AcMNPV replication and oxidizes SfP53 in vitro, we could not detect any effects of this interaction on AcMNPV replication in cultured cells.
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