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Students at the Center of the Studio: peer learning, collaborations, and service design Public Deposited

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  • Librarians support student success in many ways such as partnerships with writing centers. When an opportunity arose to partner with our writing center to create a shared space in our library, we saw it as a great way to support student success. Called the Undergrad Research and Writing Studio, student peer tutors treat research and writing as intertwined processes. Trained in studio pedagogy, peer research and writing consultants assist drop in student writers on a non-appointment basis, mirroring libraries point of need philosophy. Research consultants also receive training to respond to reference and research-based writing questions as part of an eight-week Research-Based Writing Professional Development Seminar facilitated by the head of teaching, head of spaces and the studio coordinator. We share how we used service design to shape both the space and the service to support student learning and how our collaboration on the eight-week course and on conducting student reflections kept us aligned with our ethos of centering students and their learning.
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  • San Francisco, California, USA
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