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Organizing for Open: Aligning Organizational Structures with Open Values

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  • Many academic libraries have a strong commitment to open scholarship articulated in strategic planning goals, values statements and policy documents. These ideals exist next to a scholarly communication landscape dominated by corporate publishers, paywalls and licensing agreements that center subscriptions and title lists. Our organizational structures, reflected in our budgets and org charts, are aligned to that closed world. In the last several years, the amount of open content in the scholarly publishing landscape has grown significantly, Most observers agree that this trend will accelerate in the near future. We are at a moment when we can consider significant change. How do we reorganize our structures to align with our goals for open? How do we organize ourselves for success when subscriptions and paywalls are de-centered? What positions do we need? What investments must we make? How can we work together as a profession to build the kind of open world we want? In our institution, we have been asking these questions and working towards answers.
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  • Castillo, D., Deitering, A. M., & Key, C. (2023, October 20). Organizing for Open: Aligning Organizational Structures with Open Values [Conference presentation]. 2023 Core Forum, New Orleans, LA, United States.
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  • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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