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  • The Oregon Coastal Atlas (http://www.coastalatlas.net), a collaboration of the Oregon Coastal Management Program, Oregon State University and Ecotrust, is an interactive map, data, and metadata portal targeted at coastal managers, scientists, and the general public. The site was developed to meet long-standing needs in the state for improving information retrieval, visualization and interpretation for decision-making relating to the coastal zone. It has the ambitious goal of being a useful resource for the various audiences that make up the management constituency of the Oregon Coastal Zone. The site provides background information for different coastal systems, as well as the expected access to interactive mapping, online geospatial analysis tools, and direct download access to an array of natural resource data sets relating to coastal zone management. Therefore as a portal, the Oregon Coastal Atlas enables users to search and find data, but also to understand its original context, and put it to use via online tools in order to solve a spatial problem. This chapter describes in detail the various online tools of the atlas, most of which can be used online, some of which need to be downloaded to the user’s desktop; some that are used for viewing data, some that are used for geospatial analysis; and tools for a diverse audience– some best suited for coastal planners and researchers, some for contributors to the atlas, and some for the general public.
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  • in Wright, D.J. and Scholz, A.J. (Eds.), Place Matters: Geospatial Tools for Marine Science, Conservation and Management in the Pacific Northwest, Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Press, 134-151
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  • National Science Foundation
  • NOAA Coastal Service Center
  • Federal Geographic Data Committee
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