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  • DISCLAIMER This report was prepared by students as part of a university course requirement. While considerable effort has been put into the project, it is not the work of licensed engineers and has not undergone the extensive verification that is common in the profession. The information, data, conclusions, and content of this report should not be relied on or utilized without thorough, independent testing and verification. University faculty members may have been associated with this project as advisors, sponsors, or course instructors, but as such they are not responsible for the accuracy of results or conclusions.
  • Project Description This project was sponsored by Bauer Labs with the goal of developing a unified medical instrument (UMI) for use by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers conducting routine patient checkups. The end-purpose is to reduce the number of medical peripherals required to do a standard checkup, which will allow healthcare providers to be more mobile, especially in areas of poverty. The UMI that was developed gives healthcare providers the ability to take a patient’s temperature, listen to the patient’s heart and lungs, view the patient’s eardrums and retinas, and capture pictures of the skin. In addition to the medical device requirements, the UMI was required to be built around an iOS or Android platform to allow simple replacement of the main processor, increase the usability of the device, and ensure the device is hand-held. Concept Development To begin the project, the design team developed a list of customer requirements, analyzed applicable existing products, and applied broad concepts from these products to develop three design concepts that could fulfill all the requirements. The base platforms for these concepts were the iPhone 4s, Galaxy S III mini, and iPod touch.
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