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"Meet the Mobile Shoe Rack!" : Interviewing Participants Public Deposited

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  • The science of how people interact socially with robots is still fairly young. One area of ongoing study is how people figure out the way the robot works -- that is, form a "mental model" of the robot. We are especially ignorant of how this happens over time, starting with a first impression and then adjusting from new experiences with the robot. This study focuses on one part of the mental model: how do people figure out the robot's *capabilities*, like whether it can see or hear? This is important because, for example, it influences people's judgment of whether the robot is a privacy threat that could collect their personal information. This ongoing study looks at yoga students interacting over several months with a piece of robotic furniture -- a mobile shoe rack -- that they've never seen before. This poster will focus on the interview methods we developed for figuring out what people thought the robot was capable of -- the robot's "perceived capabilities."
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  • Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
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