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Comparative cost and effectiveness of polyacrylamide and straw mulch on sediment loss from furrow irrigated potatoes

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  • Polyacrylamide and straw mulch were used to reduce soil erosion on furrow irrigated potatoes. The PAM rate started out at 1 lb/ac per irrigation, then in the second irrigation of the wheel rows the rate was reduced to 0.2 lb/ac. The rate was increased to 0.5 lb/ac for all subsequent irrigations. Wheat straw was applied at 930 lb/ac. Over 16 irrigations, the untreated furrows lost a total of 47.6 tons/ac of soil washed out as sediment. The straw mulched furrows lost a total of 9.5 tons/ac. The PAM treated furrows lost a total of 18.0 tons/ac. Straw mulching decreased the amount of sediment loss by 80 percent, while PAM decreased the amount of sediment loss by 62 percent. Techniques are discussed to improve the effectiveness of both methods of erosion reduction. During 16 irrigations straw mulching increased water infiltration from 33.7 to 54.9 percent of applied water, while PAM increased the infiltration to 36.8 percent.
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