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  • Capacity Planning is a gradually recognized need in UNIX environments. However, the effort to address this problem has been more or less event driven and is often discarded after crises are over. The main cause to this situation is that the tools to support the CP function in UNIX environments are lacking so that the CP function can not be standardized and each project has to reinvent "the wheel". In this project, we investigate the current status of CP and to narrow the gap between the need and lack of tools by building a prototype to support CP in UNIX environments. In building the prototype, we use queueing network models to capture the characteristics of a system and use expert system technology to capture the expertise of GP in UNIX.. We have built a queueing network model for Sequent system and then integrated this model into the expert system of the prototype.We have also encoded some simple knowledge into the expert system. With a user-friendly interface, the prototype is able to help the user do What-if analysis. The prototype is now running on Macintosh platform with satisfactory performance and promising potentials.
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