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Calendaring specification : interoperability of web-based calendar and Palm Pilot

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  • Interoperability is the ability to enable different systems to work together and exchange data. Interoperability between different systems is achieved by using common standards and specifications. This paper talks about our research work on interoperability in Calendaring and Scheduling. There are many calendaring and scheduling software products on the market but only few of them are interoperable. The goal of my research was to make an existing web-based calendaring system ("The Wise Net" or TWN for short) interoperable with other calendaring systems, in particular, the Palm Pilot. A framework is developed for web based TWN calendar after understanding the interoperability issues that are dealt in other systems like Outlook, iPlanet calendar etc. After a complete understanding of the systems it was found that Outlook and other such popular calendaring systems are based on iCal and iTIP protocol standards. My aim was to discover how to make The Wise Net Calendar support these two protocols and develop a common specification for calendaring and scheduling that would support interoperability of TWN and Palm Pilot calendaring systems. An initial working prototype is built to make the TWN calendar interoperable with palm pilot. This application synchronizes TWN calendar with the palm pilot calendar. A prototype is also built for synchronizing address book. TWN users can have a mirror image of their web based calendars on their palm pilots. Conduit Development Kit (CDK403) is used to develop the application. Conduits are software plug-ins for the Hotsync Manager application. They exchange and synchronize data between a desktop computer and a Palm OS platform handheld computer.
  • 2002 best estimate for issue date and commencement year based on available information.
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