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Influence of Robot Motivation on Modified Ride-On Car Usage Public Deposited

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  • Using robot motivation to see effects on modified ride-on car interaction has not yet been explored. Previous research has looked at the use of robots to encourage/motivate children (Bharatharaj et al., 2017; Conti et al., 2017; Johnson, 2003) and the benefits of using modified ride-on cars have also been previously explored (Feldner, 2019; Logan et al., 2016; Logan et al., 2017). Keeping this in mind, this study expands on previous research by looking at how using robot motivation influences modified ride-on car usage among young children.. With more access to self-directed mobility from modified ride-on cars and motivation from a robot, the question becomes “Will using a robot motivate children to change driving behaviors in the modified ride-on car?” Therefore, the purpose of this study is to describe the differences in driving behaviors of children using a modified ride-one car across three groups: control, movement, and movement + rewards.
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