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  • People find it difficult to do tasks which are related to maintaining correct posture. For activities related to performing a posture routine correctly by oneself, unfortunately there aren’t many systems out there which help people to do so and provide feedback on what went wrong and how they could improve it. There are limited options for people who prefer to learn the activity by themselves, at their convenient location. YouTube [1] tutorials are a predominant option in this space. Hence this Master’s report presents Motion Coach, the first system which addresses these issues by guiding the user through a pose routine by breaking it into sequential stages, providing real-time feedback from the convenience of a user's laptop. Two assessments evaluated Motion Coach. In the user study 93.75% of the people felt that Motion Coach made the motion activity easier when compared to learning it from manual methods (​Figure 14(a)​ ). 100% of the users felt the voice instructions with corrective feedback, static pose images made learning the activity much easier (​Figure 14(a)​ ). 100% of the users agreed that they would like to use Motion Coach again, for learning other activities if possible (​Figure 15​). Users on average learned the activity 49% faster when compared to manual methods (​Table 2​). Motion Coach could effectively guide participants to do the motion activity (a pose routine) correctly and also save time. It needs no additional hardware, making it suitable to use for the majority of people. These promising results suggest that Motion Coach could serve as a starting point for future enhancements for applying it to physiotherapy [2], teaching golf swings, learning ballet or weight training.
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