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Organizational Capacity of Oregon Latino Nonprofits and its Role in Immigrant Integration Public Deposited

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  • This essay provides an assessment of the human, social and financial resources that Oregon Latino immigrant-serving nonprofits have available to achieve their mission of promoting Latino immigrant integration and civic engagement practices. Under the framework of immigrant integration, this study examines the strategies Latino nonprofits rely upon to achieve their goals of improving living conditions of the Latino immigrant population in the state of Oregon. Using surveys and interviews of nonprofit directors, the results of this study indicate that Oregon Latino immigrant-serving nonprofits are mainly dedicated to advocating for access to health services, economic growth, cultural activities and provision of services in general. It is highlighted that nonprofits that work with the Latino community rely heavily on volunteerism and that collaboration with other organizations in a coalition is an important mechanism to achieve their goals. The success of these Latino nonprofits is determined by capacities such as management and leadership, financial resources, and the skills and dedication of their staff. Solid core capacities mean positive relationships with city departments and agencies, public officials, other organizations and the community in general, which translates into social changes and progressive policies for the benefit of the economic and social integration of the Latino immigrants and their families. Regardless of citizenship status, these nonprofits facilitate the incorporation of Latino immigrants into the mainstream culture by providing a place to interact and receive needed assistance, education in how to navigate life in the adopted country, and gain economic and social stability with the ultimate goal to empower Latino immigrants to work for their place in American society.
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