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Evaluating Watershed Plans : Assessing Initial Outputs of the Streamflow Restoration Act in Washington State Public Deposited

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  • As of September 2020, three of the outputs mandated under the Streamflow Restoration Act have been completed. However, little has been done to assess the quality of these plans. By using the Characteristics of Plan Quality That Serve as Evaluation Criteria to evaluate the plans completed so far, this research finds the outputs are not adequately including all the elements needed to create a quality document. These issues can be divided into three categories: (1) inadequate data on the state of natural resources and constraints (2) absence of specific project details and weak policies that create uncertainty for implementation, and (3) lack of complete monitoring and evaluation strategies. By not adequately addressing all characteristics of a quality plan it undermines the effectiveness of the output and the likelihood of meeting policy goals. These findings indicate that the current Streamflow Restoration Act policy and the state guidance for local plan adoption do not do enough to encourage and assure plans meet plan quality standards.
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