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Integrating multimedia mechanism into object-oriented framework Objex Public Deposited

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  • The problem addressed in this paper is that of the extension of multimedia mechanism into Objex, an object oriented framework. Several multimedia productions have been developed recently, such as QuickTime™, HyperCard, MacSpeaker, Multi-Ad Creator 3.0, etc. [Heid 91]. The common problems with them, however, are that they are all implemented in lower level language, the reusability of their functionality is poor, resulting in lower application programmer productivity. Our approach is based on reusability of components taken from an application framework, specifically, to integrate multimedia mechanism by combining QuickTime with Objex [Lewis 92) - an object-oriented programming(OOP) environment for GUI applications. The newly improved Objex will provide the programmer with video, animation and sound mechanism as well as reusable data structures, a shape class library, standard user interface objects, a model of interaction among the user interface objects, and generic features common to most of the GUI applications. Specifically it will: • provide playing back movies with standard controller • provide creating new movie files • provide copying, pasting, and cutting movie files • provide saving a modified file as a new movie file • provide looping, palindrome looping a movie file, etc. An application example has been implemented to add MHelp, a movie help index, into Petri Net Editor.
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