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Design and implementation of Surface Irrigation Soil Loss (SISL) and Soil Condition Index (SCI), (SISL-SCI) database Public Deposited

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  • The Soil Conditioning Index (SCI) aids the conservationist in designing crop rotations and residue management practices when low organic matter, poor soil tilt, and crusting problems are identified. The Natural Resources and Conservation Services (NRCS) field staff and others use the SCI as a qualitative tool during conservation planning. In this project we implemented a relational database for the SCI application and integrated it with the Soil Loss by Surface Irrigation (SISL) application by creating one normalized relational database schema. These two agricultural applications possess some commonalities that make them fit well together in one database system. Calculations for all the three subfactors of SCI are performed via stored procedures. These are called from within the SCI triggers for automatic execution. We expect that SISL-SCI database will become a basis for integrating several other agricultural applications, e.g., Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) and Wind Erosion Estimates model (RWEQ).
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