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One approach to the development of a simple Geographic Information System for management of natural resource areas Public Deposited

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  • This project explored one set of tools and procedures that appeared to have the potential to make the handling of the spatial data necessary for resource management more efficient and effective. This project used data from the Nature Conservancy's Lawrence Memorial Grassland Preserve and was designed to explore a low cost application of Geographic Information System technology. Four pieces of software were used in this investigation - Auto-Cad, a vector based drafting and design program. - Surfer, a raster based three dimensional modeling program. - Idrisi, a raster based image analysis/geographic analysis system. - Auto-Tools, a raster to vector and vector to raster conversion program. Data came from existing maps and small scale aerial photography. This data was to be augmented with data from recently acquired larger scale aerial photography. The data from the large scale photographs was to be electro-mechanically scanned and converted to digital information. This process proved to be impractical. The need for more efficient and effective handling of spatial data can best be accomplished at this time by the utilization of one part of the experimental system, the computer assisted drafting and design program, Auto-Cad. Use of this system has provided for the development of an accurate, multi layer, base map of the Lawrence Memorial Grassland Preserve. As the resolution and accuracy of the data base of the Lawrence Memorial Grassland Preserve is further defined and developed data can be placed in the Auto Cad system, providing both immediate benefits in enhanced information availability and storage of the best available data for eventual use in a more advanced system.
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