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Self-Study: Conducting Studies on Yourself

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  • As a new year approaches, most of the adults on the planet show interest to form some resolution to make their lives better [Norcross et al. 2002]. One of the ways is to change their behavior and incorporate new habits that they read about or get rid of an existing habit that they perceive to be bad. The basis of this is a desire within to improve the quality of life, to make oneself a better version as time progresses. We pick up ideas for adjusting habits and behaviors based on the articles that we read online or based on what we hear from others. But we need a way to validate the results on ourselves. For this we need to conduct a study on ourselves that will enable us to verify our expectations about how changing our behaviors, both existing and new ones that we would like to form, will affect our lives. The Self-Study application presented in this report is a tool that enables a user to conduct a study on one’s self, with a focus on making it easy to create a study, to record daily data, and to understand results. The Self-Study application can help the user to make better decisions about the effects of their habits and behaviors.
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