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A gender sensitive analysis of a community-based wildlife utilization initiative in Zimbabwe's Zambezi Valley Public Deposited

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  • Zimbabwe's Communal Areas Management Program For Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE), is a grassroots natural resource management initiative that promotes utilization of natural resources as an economic and sustainable land use option in Zimbabwe's rural areas. Currently the program focuses on wildlife utilization as a development intervention to improve the economic livelihood of the rural communities. Under CAMPFIRE, The village of Masoka developed a plan which allocated a large portion of the land under its control to leased hunting safari operations. A smaller portion was protected by a wildlife fence and allocated to cultivation and settlement. This study examines the development consequences of this initiative with reference to the differential outcomes for men and women. Both sexes reported less crop damage, less time spent guarding crops, and the total elimination of animal caused human injuries/deaths within the fence. The village's wildlife committee was all male, but women said it represented their interests very well. The study reveals that the program has gender differentiated benefits as well as disadvantages. The study also shows that the program and associated development activity, has initiated many changes in village life. Some of these have led women into opportunities which were formerly not available including formal education, cash payments, and paid employment. Although the process of change points to greater inclusion of women, there is still substantially different access to money generated in favor of male dominance.
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