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The mapping of buildable slopes in Reedsport and Sutherlin, Oregon: a model for determining percent slope in required city-level buildable lands inventories Public Deposited

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  • Purpose The purpose of this project is to aid the Umpqua Regional Council of Governments as they try to identify buildable lands in Douglas County, Oregon particularly in the cities of Reedsport and Sutherlin. This project will help Reedsport upgrade its recently completed Buildable Lands Inventory and provide Sutherlin with a method to more accurately determine its buildable land for its next periodic review. In doing so,. this project will provide a feasible method for Oregon communities to address slope hazard and development, as they build a rationally based land use plan. Project Objectives The scope of the project is to identify buildable slopes (slopes less than 25 percent) at these two study areas. To do so the project will meet several objectives: 1. determine the usefulness of existing slope data sources for the purpose of defining buildable slope, 2. establish a methodology for accurately defining buildable slope, 3. provide slope maps which identify buildable and unbuildable slopes and can be used in a Geographic Information System (GIS) to help determine buildable lands, 4. discuss the limitations of the maps. Study Areas This study took place in two cities in Douglas County, Oregon, Reedsport and Sutherlin (Map 1). Reedsport (Map 2) is a coastal community located at approximately 43 1/2 degrees north latitude, 124 degrees west longitude, near the mouth of the Umpqua River, along the boundary of the Coast Range and the Oregon Sand Dunes which run along a portion of the south central coast. Sutherlin (Map 3) is located some 60 miles east and 25 miles south of Reedsport. It lies inland, along Interstate 5, and is considered a bedroom community to the larger city of Roseburg 10 miles south. Both communities are surrounded by foothills of moderate slope.
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