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  • A structural active-object systems (SAOS) is a, transition-based object-oriented system consisting of a collection of interacting structural active objects (SAOs), which can be structurally and hierarchically composed from their component SAOs. The behaviors of SAOs are determined by the transition statements provided in their class definitions. Var­ious concurrent systems such as simulation systems, graphical user interfaces and CAD systems can be implemented as SAOSs. SAOSs can be programmed in C++, but writing SAOS programs in C++ is tedious and time consuming. The SAOS description language (SAOSDL) is an extension of C++ with special constructs for transition statements and attribute initializations. SAOSDL simpli­fies SAOS programming by reducing program text sizes and enhancing understandability of programs. The SAOS translator (SAOST) translates SAOSDL programs into C++ pro­grams. In this report, the issues involved in translating SAOSDL special constructs into C++ and the implementation of SAOST ate discussed.
  • 1992 best estimate for issue date and commencement year based on available information.
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