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Engineering analysis of forces created in two tree intermediate supports during multi-span logging

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  • An analysis of forces on two tree intermediate supports is presented. The analysis is in two parts: The maximum force that the support jack will experience. The movement and forces created in the two tree support by the skyline and carriage. The maximum force on the support jack occurs when the carriage moves onto the jack. The support line tension varies with changes in skyline geometry and support tree geometry. The equations developed to accomplish the above analysis require iteration to arrive at the solution. Computer programs developed for the Hewlett Packard 9830 desk top computer are presented. The computer programs solve for the maximum force on the jack, the support jack movement, and the support line tension. Tensions in an experimental multi-span skyline were measured to test assumptions made during the analysis. The assumptions appear to cause the computer programs to overestimate the support line tension. The two-tree analysis was used to analyze two current multi-span problems: Skyline spans that create a horizontal angle in the skyline at the support jack. Maximum support line tensions. The two problems were analyzed by using two hypothetical multi-span skylines and the two-tree support computer programs.
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