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  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable software developers to utilize and create functionality that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort to build from scratch. Consequently, an essential part of software engineering training is for students to learn how to use APIs effectively. The existing jTutors system enables an expert library user to harvest code examples from the web and semi automatically create intelligent tutors for various Java APIs. This interactive instructional material teaches a learner how to perform tasks with APIs through a series of examples and quizzes presented in a computer adaptive manner. This thesis presents two new features that enhance the jTutors system by incorporating additional information into intelligent tutors about how APIs are used in practice. The new 'Industry Code Search' feature enables users to search for API code usages by mining through a repository of open source projects. This system has been further enhanced to mine FAQs, articles and other API related links so users can learn more about APIs, all in one place. A qualitative study demonstrated that the new features helped students to learn intricacies of multiple APIs and also to familiarize themselves with actual usage in real world projects.
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