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  • For my CSSA portfolio, I developed a graduate-level education course about disability in the United States and in higher education. In this paper, I will provide an introduction to my life and work in disability support services, and how my experience as a disability support services professional and graduate student in education inspired me to create a course about disability in higher education, a subject that is sorely lacking in current curricula. Initially, I describe my background and experience growing up in Davis, California, a town known for the local university. I then describe my journey into student affairs and disability support services, including my work as a service provider in the classroom to my current role as an administrative support staff member. Finally, I describe my path into the CSSA program and how I honed my focus on disability support services. Although my favorite aspect of the CSSA program is its social justice lens, I found that there was only a limited amount of information about disability in the current courses. As I conducted more research on disability as my area of specialization, I realized that there was an opportunity to develop a course about disability, with the purpose of serving as an educational resource for graduate students working in higher education.
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