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Designing and implementing an information system for a self service stockroom using a relational database Public Deposited

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  • The goal of this project is to design and implement an information system for self­-service chemistry stockroom at Oregon State University. The system will have the following major functionalities: (1) Recording inventory purchases and sales; (2) Customer account administration and periodic billing of customers; (3) Inventory monitoring; ( 4) Allowing the system administrator to do customized queries of data. The system is implemented with a backend relational database installed on a server and three front-end client programs. Sales client program lets customer browse the system for items of interest and check out items from the stockroom. Accountant client program handles the setup, maintenance of customer accounts, and the billing of customers. Manager program carries out all the other major tasks involved in the day-to-day operation of the stockroom. Using Microsoft Data Access Object (DAO) model, querying and updating information stored in the underlying database by the client programs are carried out by calling methods of the appropriate objects in the DAO library.
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