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  • With the overwhelming number of open-source resources available online, the developer community is always looking to expand their knowledge. Collaborative development has been recognized as an efficient method of learning by several students and industry professionals. Hence, developers seek to obtain more hands-on experience while collaborating with people of similar interests to develop their skill set. However, finding active projects at various online platforms is very time-consuming. The existing online tools aren’t very effective in connecting technology enthusiasts that are looking to work on a project together. To facilitate the initial stages of the collaboration process, this Master's report presents Idea Pool application. Idea Pool serves as a platform for developers to share ideas and jointly initiate the development to advance their skills. Idea Pool inspires users to post their project proposals, allowing other interested users to request collaboration. It permits users to connect with teams that are actively looking to onboard developers for ongoing projects. A user study was conducted to evaluate the system wherein all participants agreed that they would prefer Idea Pool for initiating a design collaboration. Moreover, it was found that Idea Pool offers a time-efficient solution to discover active projects of interest for the users looking to further develop their skills.
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