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Public Opinion of Baltimore’s Floating Wetlands – 2013 and 2019 Public Deposited

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  • To help beautify the open water space in front of the National Aquarium, in 2010 the very first floating wetland islands in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor were deployed. Since then, floating wetlands have sprouted up in other parts of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, including the Bond Street Wharf. The National Aquarium’s floating wetlands went from an initial 400 square feet in 2010, to 2,000 square feet by 2012, and are now (2019) amid another growth spurt. A large floating wetland park is being designed for the National Aquarium by Ayers Saint Gross, in collaboration with The National Aquarium, Biohabitats, McLaren Engineering Group, and Kovacs Whitney & Associates. To learn more about the public’s perception and level of knowledge regarding this water quality best management practice, the author surveyed 65 individuals in Baltimore, Maryland’s inner harbor. In 2013, a questionnaire was designed in conjunction with the University of Maryland, the National Aquarium, and the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore to help organizations gauge the public’s interest in the concept of floating wetlands and water quality issues. By utilizing the same questionnaire, the author compared the 2013 and 2019 responses to gain perspective on the changes in audience, perception, and knowledge over a 6-year period.
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