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  • This paper explores the use of hypermedia m geographical and environmental analysis, focusing on the use of sound. After providing essential definitions the paper presents a brief history of multimedia and hypertext (the combination of which lead to the term hypermedia) and object oriented programming. The concept of the hypermap and how spatially related data can be arranged in a hypermap for browsing of spatial features/information is considered next, along with the need for means of data retrieval other than the "drill down" technique. Several examples of hypermedia and multimedia applications that have been used m environmental interpretation and analysis are presented next. In the review of these examples the focus will be on the interface design and on multimedia data types that were used to convey important information. After these examples, the paper will more deeply explore how different multimedia data types might be incorporated into hypermedia applications. Because multimedia can involve such a variety of media types, including high quality graphics, video, animation and sound, there is not enough room here to discuss them all in great detail. The reader will therefore find a short section on the use of video and animation in environmental and geographically related applications, but the focus here will be on sound. The use of several sound types in hypermedia, including the human voice, environmental sound and abstract sound will be covered. Following this, examination of sound storage and different types of sound generation in computers. The paper ends with a look at some of the potential problems involved with the use of hypermedia in geographic and environmental interpretation and analysis.
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