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Coronavirus Narratives: Drawing Lessons for Effective Crisis Management Public Deposited

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  • Some critics claim that President Trump has downplayed the risks of coronavirus at the onset of the pandemic, describing it merely as flu at a time when other administrative officials in the CDC and HHS were warning of a very grave future with the virus and implored quick action. The Narrative Policy Framework (NPF) helps to systematically measure the difference between policy narratives and track their changes over time. This research utilizes the NPF to explore whether there was a disconnect between narratives posed by President Trump and agency officials in Coronavirus Task Force at the onset of the pandemic and considers the implications. Content analyses of Coronavirus Task Force press briefings from 31 January 2020 to 17 April 2020 were performed. There were significant differences in the frequency, timing, and early introduction of some characters and policy solutions. There was also some overlap in many occasions, highlighting the wholistic nature of the pandemic response that fosters complementary rather than necessarily similar policy action.
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