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Wild Horse and Burro Management: Public Perceptions of a Wicked Issue Public Deposited

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  • Wild horse and burro management has been a controversial topic over the past several decades, since the passing of the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burro Act of 1971, as federal land management agencies attempt to manage wild horses and burros in a way that supports natural ecological balance. In recent history, this balance has proven difficult to achieve due to extensive overpopulation of wild horse and burro herds throughout the western U.S. as indicated by studies of the ecological impacts of wild horses and burros. Land management agencies use a variety of methods to attempt to achieve a thriving natural ecological balance, many of which are objected to by wild horse and burro advocacy organizations and groups. Past research has focused on the ecological, economic, and policy that relates to wild horse and burro management. Inquiries related to the relationship between the advocacy groups and the federal land management agencies is lacking. This capstone project seeks to explore the relationship between the advocacy groups and federal land management agencies to identify areas of common perspective and identify potential bridges of communication and/or collaboration.
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