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Crop Rotation Economic and Environmental Impact Decision Aid (CREEDA) : a COM-based application

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  • CREEDA (Crop Rotation Economic and Environmental Impact Decision Aid) is a Windows application for assessing economic and environmental impacts of agricultural activities. In implementing it, we extended the ProCosts database and incorporated the RUSLE (Revised Universal Soil-Loss Equation) application and the SCI (Soil Conditioning Index) application as COM components. ProCosts, developed by USDA-NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service), is used to estimate profits and costs for a multi-year crop rotation. The core component of CREEDA was implemented with MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) and ATL (Active Template Library) and consists of the following layers: the Presentation Layer (PL), the Business Logic Layer (BLL} and the Data Access Layer (DAL). We built the Presentation Layer with MFC by using Visual C++ and other layers as COM components by using ATL. The back-end database built with MS SQL Server is accessed with Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADOs).
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