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The effects of lineage on spatial data quality

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  • When the Spatial Data Transfer Standard is adopted as a Federal Information Processing Standard, a Quality Report containing sections on lineage, accuracy, logical consistency, and completeness will be required of agencies producing digital cartographic data. This Quality Report diverges significantly from the "U.S. National Map Accuracy Standards", in place for manually produced maps, and presents some unknowns in terms of format and cost of conformance. This paper develops procedures for testing the effects of the geometric coordinate transformations in the digital portion of data lineage that could serve as tools in evaluating digital map and Geographic Information System (GIS) software as well as a format for reporting data quality in the Quality Report. These procedures are then applied to a specific case using the base theme layers and data handling procedures from the Bureau of Land Management's Western Oregon Digital Data Base (WODDB). Artificial cartographic objects in point, line, and polygon data structures were created to scale in state plane feet and translated from AutoCAD to ADS to MOSS, repeating the steps and using the hardware and software configuration employed in the WODDB GIS project. The coordinate pairs resulting from each transformation were compared to the originals for accuracy and logical consistency. The graphic outputs were inspected for attribute accuracy and completeness. Results indicate that the relative positional accuracy of coordinate pairs within each model maintains logical consistency. Logical consistency is not maintained from model to model and this lack manifests itself as discontinuous line segments across model boundaries. Attribute accuracy and completeness are not negatively affected by the tested lineage. This approach and testing methodology could be used as a prototype for further testing of the WODDB data base and other GIS data bases where the effects of lineage are unknown.
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