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  • Steps and Stikes is an Environmental Arts and Humanities capstone thesis project taking the shape of an art film. The video layers contemporary dance with natural and industrial imagery on a foundation of personal narrative. It engages with contemporary environmental discourse as a choreographed essay, questioning why the environmental movement has not been more effective over the last several decades. The artwork places an economic worldview, built on unregulated and constant growth, as the root cause of environmental crises. And the piece ends with a call to action for better collaborations between the labor and environmental movements as a path forward. This strategy for change builds in environmental and climate justice while working toward livable futures for all that is alive on the planet. This written document is meant to amplify the viewer's critical engagement alongside an echo or memory of the analytic and somatic reactions to viewing the film. For those interested, it offers an opportunity for audience members to dive deeper into the thematic elements of the film and serves as a container for citations and further inquiry. It is not intended to replace the choreographed film, more to function as a viewer's companion.
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