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Task Grapher : arbitrary machine topology and performance tools environment enhancement

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  • Task Grapher is a tool for the study of optimal parallel program task scheduling on arbitrary interconnected parallel processors. Given a task graph, this tool can be used to produce several kinds of displays to help users to determine optimal scheduling heuristics and optimal machine topology. Previous versions of Task Grapher did not include a target machine editor to allow for the modification of arbitrary interconnected parallel processors. Moreover, Task Grapher was limited to two types of performance displays, and there were serious limitations upon the ability to display visual information. The enhancements developed for this project include: 1) Editing and display of such optional machine topologies. Hypercube, ring, fully­ connected, star, mesh, binary tree, and arbitrary interconnected parallel processors. 2) Incorporation of a modified "Mapping Heuristic" to allow scheduling on arbitrary target machines. 3) Implementation of optional display forms to indicate critical paths, processor utilization, processor efficiency, communication utilization and efficiency, and dynamic activity displays; and 4) Implementation of such capabilities. Reduce to fit, and Set Gantt Chan Size which will provide user better view from displays.
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