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Increasing the usefulness of high-altitude color infrared photography for the inventory, monitoring, and management of western wildland resources Public Deposited

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  • This report describes the latest in a series of studies sponsored by the Nationwide Forestry Applications Program. Each such study has attempted to enhance the interpretability of remotely-sensed imagery. In this case the image type of specific interest is high-altitude color infrared (CIR) photography. This is a resource management tool which is readily available, and updated at regular intervals, yet has not been used to the extent that its qualities suggest it should be. The principal objective of this study is to increase the usefulness of high-altitude CIR photography for Forest Service personnel. This is accomplished by: (1) developing a set of regionally applicable classification systems for both forest cover types and landforms which are compatible with this photography, and (2) developing regionally applicable image analysis "keys" which will assist the interpreter in delineating these classifications. The broad applicability of this work has been studied throughout the diverse environments of the state of Oregon and is found to be reasonably applicable from the Rocky Mountains west to the Pacific, and perhaps beyond. In addition, references to related studies are made throughout this report, demonstrating the diverse utility of this image type for the identification, analysis, and monitoring of forest resources. This study is designed to serve a dual-purpose: Forest Service personnel who read this report will become more aware of the wide utility and untapped potential of this photography; and those who are sufficiently enthused, and wish to employ this photography in their work, will have reference materials to train them in its interpretation. In this way the document will function both as an illustration of the utility of this photography and as a guide to its use.
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