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Bullying Victimization and Substance Use among Adolescents: Using Strain Theory to Examine Patterns across Gender, Race, and Mental Health Status Public Deposited

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  • A growing body of research has connected bullying victimization to a number of risk factors in adolescents, including substance use. The current study utilizes Agnew’s revised strain theory as a theoretical framework to examine this relationship, as well as patterns of substance use across gender, race, and mental health status. Data from the 2018 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey were used to analyze this relationship among a sample of 12th grade students using three types of bullying victimization (physical, verbal, and cyber) and two types of substances (alcohol and marijuana). Results from the logistic regression analyses provide moderate evidence of this relationship across all models, with some variation present when controlling for gender, race, and mental health status. Recommendations for future research and policies are discussed.
  • Keywords: Bullying victimization, substance use, adolescence, mental health, General Strain Theory, coping strategies
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