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Landsliding processes occurring on a McDonald-Dunn Forest hillslope Public Deposited

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  • Landslide processes occurring on a hillslope in McDonald-Dunn Forest on the eastern slope of the Oregon Coastal Range are described in terms of type, magnitude. minimum age and site characteristics. Debris flows and debris avalanches are the dominant types of slope movement occurring in the study area. Landslide events classified in the field were grouped according to process, and verification of field classifications were performed using morphometric indices and analysis of variance. The classification index (D/L) showed significant differences between landslides classified in the field and between process groups. Correlations between process. denoted by the classification index, and three morphometric indices were also significant. Landslide volumes are skewed towards smaller values, and have a mean of 1195 m³. A general linear regression model was developed for the estimation of landslide volumes and was significant at the 0.00% level. Minimum ages of landslides are also skewed towards smaller values with the 1964 storm being well represented within the sample. Landslides were observed to have occurred on slopes ranging from 26-55%, and a majority occurred at or immediately below significant breaks in slope. Bedrock hollows occurring on the scarp slope element appear to produce larcie debris flows. Chancies in the landscape occurring since euro-american settlement preclude the use of the maginitude-frequency approach to investigate landsliding in the study area. Future research should concentrate on current rates of soil creep. hollow recharge and implications for sediment routing and landscape evolution.
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