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Visualizing the Daily Physical Activities and Nutrition Information of High School Athletes in WAVE~Ripples for Change: Obesity Prevention in Active Youth Public Deposited

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  • Uploading everyday information about food intake, sleep, number of steps and then generating consolidated peer visual reports for participants in large-scale health studies, often divided into multiple treatment groups, can be challenging. This challenge is even bigger if subjects are young teenagers between the age of 14-19 active in sports, as in the case of Oregon State University’s WAVE project, an intervention health study involving 24 teams with 750 teenagers from 13 schools in Oregon, as it becomes difficult for scientists to monitor information from all subjects and consolidate it into the database. This Master’s project extends the WavePipe system, a two-year integrated health study dashboard that enables scientists to create studies, enroll subjects and their health tracking devices, create web-based surveys, collect and analyze data from these devices and surveys to upload each subject’s sleep, nutrition, physical activity information and generate health reports for all the subjects under each group for any specified date range. The project also provides a feature for the scientist to edit already existing subject’s demographic information by just uploading a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. An evaluation of the sub-system with the main user found it to be both usable and effective. Moreover, it has been in use since Fall 2014 and six rounds of reports have been generated for all the students participating in the study (subjects).
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