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Mapping glacier flow on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska-Canada

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  • Field data collection techniques in combination with remote sensing techniques were used to interpret and map the complex flow pattern of the numerous glaciers comprising the Juneau lcefield, spanning the Alaska- Canada boundary range. The extensive nature of the icefield mandated the use of a variety of methods for surveying and mapping purposes. Temporal and logistical constraints allowed only one-quarter of the icefield to be surveyed using GPS hardware, while the more remote and inaccessible areas were examined using satellite imagery, RADAR images, and existing topographic maps and digital elevation models. The final cartographic products were created using a combination of the terrain analysis program MicroDEM and the graphic software program Photoshop. Digital Elevation Models were used extensively for data analysis and as base layers for map images. The final mapping products illustrate fine-scale flow patterns and interactions between the ice streams. Each large-scale map shows 15 minutes of longitude by 15 minutes of latitude of the Juneau Icefield. KEYWORDS: Cartography, Glaciology, Remote Sensing, Geomorphology, GPS, Field Survey, Digital Elevation Models
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