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Sustaining Bend's Urban Forest: An assessment of the City's urban forest management approach and recommendations for future adaptations

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  • The City of Bend’s current urban forest management strategy consists of a series of city codes and ordinances, tree protection and planting standards, and two different plans created by the Bend Park and Recreation District. The analysis of these documents, as well as review of existing management approaches in Boise, Idaho and Spokane, Washington and the application of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s Urban and Community Forest Sustainability Standard allowed for a critical evaluation of how the City approaches the management of its trees and green spaces, while providing a series of recommendations on how to evolve their approach in the future. Conducting a city-wide tree inventory and canopy assessment, creating a City Urban Forester position and instituting a Community Tree Committee are proposed recommendations for the City to advance its plan. Implementing these would allow the city to take active steps towards executing long-term goals and creating a more comprehensive plan in the care and management of its current and future urban forest resource.
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