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It's All About Relationships: Service as a Student Affairs Professional Public Deposited

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  • The proceeding work is a culminating representation of the practitioner competencies for the field of student affairs. It is a mixed-medium arts-based zine. As student affairs practitioners, we are uniquely positioned to influence and impact the students we serve. And the ways in which we influence and impact our students directly relates to the ways in which we show up in spaces with those students - physically, emotionally, intellectually, personally, professionally, consciously, unconsciously, and all of the other ways we show up in the world. To be a strong social justice advocate and practitioner, one must possess a clear sense of self and an awareness of the social positioning of that self, which is a challenging concept to consider. When we examine and clearly define our personal values, we strengthen our awareness of the ways in which we interact with the world and our motivations for doing so. Values represent our guiding principles, which fundamentally influence out attitudes and behaviors. Recognizing and clearly articulating these values helps to illuminate potential areas of bias that stem from these deeply personal understandings of the world and also assist us in enhancing our consciousness development.
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