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Boating Recreation in Oregon : Economic Importance, Trends and Implications for the Future Public Deposited

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  • The lakes, rivers and coastal waters of Oregon have long provided the state's residents and visitors with unique recreational boating environs and opportunities. However, this popular activity represents more than a form of recreation: boating is an important component of the Oregon economy. Each year, boaters spend millions of dollars in association with boating activities and this spending impacts the state economy by generating revenue for businesses and by providing income and employment for individuals. Furthermore, recreational boating activity in Oregon has continued to increase over a period of decades, suggesting that the associated economic impacts have also grown in magnitude.The primary objective of this study was to assess the scope of recreational boating in Oregon and the contribution of boating activities to the state economy. For purposes of this study, recreational boating activities were defined as Registered Recreational Boating (RRB), Commercial Motorized Recreational Boating (CMRB), and Non Registered Recreational Boating (NRRB). With the exception of RRB, each primary category was further subdivided into distinct forms of boating activities. The analysis component of this study used expenditure patterns for some boating activities. For other boating activities and industry components, estimates of direct economic impact were made based on the best available information.
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  • The Oregon State Marine Board published a final copy of this master's project.Boating recreation in Oregon : economic importance, trends and implications for the future : a report to the Oregon State Marine Board / prepared by Robert Neely, Bruce DeYoung, Rebecca Johnson.An Oregon Sea Grant report was also produced from this master's studyThe business of boating recreation in Oregon / Robert M. Neely, Rebecca Johnson, Bruce DeYoung.This copy is a draft with a committee's member's comments.
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