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Application of the Variational Database Management System to Schema Evolution and Software Product Lines Public Deposited

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  • As a general solution to the problem of managing structural and content variability in relational databases, in previous work we have introduced the Variational Database Management System (VDBMS). VDBMS consists of a representation of a variational database (VDB) and a corresponding typed query language (v-query). However, since this is a novel database representation, there are no existing instances of VDBs or v-queries that can be used to evaluate the VDBMS. In this project, we present two case studies to demonstrate the use of VDBMS and support its evaluation. The case studies were constructed by systematically encoding variability scenarios from prior work and generating corresponding VDBs by adapting existing widely-used data sets. The first case study shows how to use the VDBMS to manage database variants under a schema evolution scenario. The second case study demonstrates how to integrate the VDBMS with a database-backed software product line. Each case study provides a VDB and a set of v-queries that will be used to evaluate the VDBMS. Additionally, we provide some insights into generating VDBs from relational databases that could assist future VDBMS users.
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