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The Salmon Restoration Economy of Puget Sound: History, Drivers, and Future Predictions Public Deposited

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  • In the Pacific Northwest, USA, the cumulative impact of human development has caused decades of salmon habitat degradation and the listing of multiple populations under the US Endangered Species Act. As a result, the need for implementation of recovery goals has encouraged the development of an economy focused on salmon habitat restoration; a microcosm of the greater restoration economy. In order to define the salmon restoration economy, this case study summarizes the history of salmon restoration in Puget Sound, WA, and describes the drivers leading to the funding of these restoration actions. As recovery of salmon is not being accomplished by one party alone, this study utilized a survey sent to multiple sectors of restoration professionals within the region. Through this, key players involved in the salmon restoration economy were given a voice to describe how they view drivers of restoration funding both now and in the future. The survey responses revealed the potential for a shift from the most common driver, grant availability, to other drivers in the future, as well as both positive and negative reactions to the overall direction of the salmon restoration economy.
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