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A Literature Review: A Brief History of Sea Lion Management and Conservation Public Deposited

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  • Today, there are six extant species of sea lion around the world, with the seventh (the Japanese sea lion) already having gone extinct due to a lack of proper conservation management. Because each of the surviving 6 sea lion species differ slightly in their anatomy, behavior, reproduction, and local habitats, they have often been treated as entirely different entities in regard to their conservation. This literature review will generate a more collective body of work on all sea lion species, to address their current conservation statuses, what efforts (or lack thereof) led them to that point, and how conservationists can use this knowledge to better manage their populations around the world. This review will serve as a comprehensive, digestible, and neutral source of information on all sea lion conservation to date. It will simultaneously identify any knowledge gaps that present themselves within the literature that require further research to be done. Readers may utilize this report in its entirety, or as an encyclopedia of sorts, where sections may be consumed individually as needed.
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