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Design and implementation of a reusable specialized view for the ViewBuilder environment Public Deposited

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  • Application supporting a Graphical User Interface (GUI) are difficult to create. Their inherent complexity, their interdependence with many other disciplines, and the inadequacy of the existing tools leave the programmer with too much to do. In particular, almost no help is provided to create application-specific code. Some visual formalisms such as tables, charts and graphs are now very common in the computer world But no support is provided to the programmer to create them. The View Builder project [27] focuses on the data visualization issue. Its goals are to develop a library of reusable specialized views; then to create a set of high-level tools to customize the views for application-specific needs; and to provide a dependency-mechanism among the views to propagate any change in the data they are displaying. This project presents one of the specialized views of the library: the 3DChartView for 3-Dimensional bar chan data visualization. We describe our approach to design a reusable building block that is easy to customize and to integrate in ay application. We also discuss its integration in the ViewBuilder project. The 3DChartView building block was developed on top of the MacApp 2.0 library in Object Pascal. It plots any numerical data on a colored 3-D bar chart. It supports most of the functionalities required for this type of data representation such as modifying the visual parameters of the components of the chart, hiding or showing most of these components, rotation of the chart with direct manipulation techniques, modification of the perspective effect, chart scaling, taking a picture of the chart and save it in the clipboard. Finally, we developed a small sample program - 3DDreamGrader - to prove the reusability of the building block.
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