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The benefits and burdens of flood control policy in the United States on humans and ecosystems : Can one policy allow humans and ecosystems to thrive? Public Deposited

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  • Floods are beneficial to nature but can be destructive to humans. For centuries humanity has attempted to control nature and specifically rivers and their flooding. After looking at a history of river management in the United States, an examination of both the burdens and benefits of flood control policy in the United States will explore its capacities to preserve and protect human life and ecosystems. These goals are assumed to be the current values of society. Future policy options are explored: business as usual, small changes to the systems, and implementation of a new system and worldview. Current progressions do not appear to be enough to meet the values of preserving life and protecting ecosystems. While a full scale paradigm shift is socially and political unfeasible at this time, small changes to the system might change the trajectory to meet our goals. Keywords: Flooding, Flood Control, Water Conflict, Public Policy, Policy Analysis
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