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Integrating fire model into BIOMAP (Biogeochemistry model (BIOME-BGC) - Mapped Atmosphere Plant Soil System (MAPSS))

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  • BIOMAP (Biogeochemistry model (BIOME-BGC) - Mapped Atmospheric Plant Soil System (MAPSS)) is a computer program that predicts ecosystem distribution and behavior over spatial grid cells of 10km at a daily timestep. It needs to consider events like fire for a more realistic prediction. This project involved integrating a new fire model into BIO MAP, based on an existing fire model called MCFIRE (MAPSS Century Fire model). This new fire model added to BIOMAP uses daily climate data like temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, wind and the lifeform distribution and dynamically simulates fuel loading, fire behavior, fire occurrence and the effect of these fires on the ecosystem distribution. To do this MCFIRE was modified to reflect BIOMAP's daily timestep and eight lifeforms (C3/C4 grasses, Deciduous broadleaf and needle leaf, Evergreen broadleaf and needle leaf, shrubs & crops). To analyze the results of BIO MAP a new graphical interface was written in Java as an RMI application. This graphical interface shows the distribution of water, carbon and nitrogen among the active lifeforms in all soil layers, total number of fires and the day of fire for a daily, monthly or yearly timestep.
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